MBA in One Day

Certificate in Strategic Business Development & Leadership MBA in One Day* – 3 Unit Seminars
Seminar Unit 1
Quality in the Service Industry
  • Business Culture
  • The Ideal Human Resource Structure

  • Business Vision vs. Core Values

  • The Impact and Conflict of Interest between Co-Owners or Decision Makers

  • The Difference between Customer Service, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Delight

Seminar Unit 2
Management in Global Competence
  • Strategic Plans
  • Competitive Advantages

  • Value Disciplines

  • Global Competence
  • Decision Makers and Team Dynamics

Seminar Unit 3
Transformational Leadership
  • Professional Development

  • Leadership Development

  • Retirement vs. Exit Strategy

  • 4D Analysis and GBR Theory

  • Work “on” Your Business, not “In” Your Business

“Aly pushes beyond the common wisdom and top-of-mind trends. His training is practical and well deserving of the slogan – MBA in One Day.”

Cost and Giving Back


It is FREE

Valued at

$1500 / person inclusive of all class time and materials.

Giving Back

Aly asks that each participant supports her or his community by donating time, money or energy to improving the lives of people in need. This could be as simple as donating $5 dollars to a person on the street or going big and trying to change the world.

Influence Others

Don’t be shy. It is much appreciated if you connect with Aly and share your story of “giving back” so we can all make a better world.


MBA In One Day

Empowering Entrepreneurs to Become Bigger, Better & Bolder Leaders.