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Aly purchased the Canadian Language Learning College (CLLC) from its previous owners in 2005, and took it from bankruptcy to the fastest growing English as Second Language (ESL) school in Canada. It remains the only ESL school in Canada with campuses in three world class cities; Toronto, Ottawa, and Halifax. CLLC’s customized curriculum is unique as it was designed to maximize the academic experience, which gained the recognition and partnership of more than 40 universities and colleges. CLLC is a community minded organization. Some of the recipients of CLLC scholarships are refugees from Syria, victims of the Tsunami in Japan, or those from disadvantaged backgrounds.
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Aly is the Innovator and Founder of the Canadian Premier International Education Awards (CPIEAs) – the first of their kind in the world. Having started an industry-wide revolution in 2012, the CPIEAs today continue their mission of recognizing the people who make education their mission. Dedicated to recognizing and celebrating those international recruitment agencies who exceed their student’s expectations, the CPIEAs are proud of their positive impact on the international education industry and the students who benefit from it.

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Aly has always believed that he has had a silent partner that has given him much more than he could have imagined. Legally speaking, this partner has no shares. Therefore, Aly decided to create Ikwan Al-Safa – a private Foundation which legally channels 20% of his net worth to this partner – Our Lord, Allah (in Arabic) or God (in English). 
Aly believes that Allah tests the wealthy by observing where their wealth is spent, so he decided long ago to try and pass the test by creating Ikhwān Al-Safa, to pay his partner, our Lord 20% of his net worth. This 20% will benefit those from disadvantaged backgrounds. The name Ikawan Al-Safa means “The Brethren of Purity” – the name of a 52 volume encyclopedia. The author is The Ismaili Imaam Mawlana Ahmad b. ‘Abd Allah b. Muhammad b. Ismail b. Ja’far as-Sadiq, the 9th Isma’ili Imaam who lived at the beginning of the Islamic Golden Age.
The subject of this 52 volume encyclopedia is vast and ranges from mathematics, music, astronomy and natural sciences, to ethics, politics, religion and magic—all compiled for one purpose; training the soul and preparing for its eventual life once freed from the body.
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In 2015, Aly recognized the importance of protecting CLLC, the CPIEAs, islBooking, Lugza and Huntzi. He therefore created a succession plan starting with a vision of the future and finishing with a successful transition into the next stage of his companies. This plan took place almost 20 years before Aly’s retirement age to protect his clients, team and family from any potential risks he might face. AR-Lawrence Holding Limited was created to manage the investment, facilitate his estate planning and help transfer assets with the appropriate legal mechanism to safely pass his leadership to the next generation.

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islBooking is a revolutionary booking platform meant to facilitate the application, booking and payment process for language study, along with accommodations for international students & agents alike.

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Lugza is owned by islBooking and the first platform of its kind. Although its concept is new to the language industry, it’s similar to existing online booking systems in the hotel and airline industries, such as or Research has shown that 20% of classrooms in schools are empty at any given time. The number of available seats varies by month and season and schools face real challenges to promote their available seats in a timely manner. Lugza offers schools & recruiters the chance to fill these seats to benefit students with discounted prices.

Similar to Lugza, Huntzi is an open platform that allows students to reach out to schools with the help of a local recruiter, if needed. Huntzi offers schools the chance to fill their empty seats at a discounted price – this benefits both schools and students.

OurHomestay App
OurHomestay app aims to streamline the process for students when booking accommodations for overseas study. The app is currently in development & will be available to the general public soon.

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