My Story

My Story

The Beginning

Along with 9 siblings, Aly was born in one of the world’s most conservative cities, Najran, Saudi Arabia. In 1976, at age 6, Aly watched TV for the first time, an eye opener in his lifelong exploration of the world. Aly’s first entrepreneurial project was in 1978 when he was 8 years old. He invested $3.00 USD, a cash gift from his father, to purchase toys. He then resold them to his siblings and other kids in the neighbourhood. When Aly turned 13 years old, he worked as a full-time employee in his family business during the summer seasons and part time during the school years.

From Student to Manager

Aly’s dream was to travel the world, meet new people and learn from different cultures. At age 17, he travelled to Jeddah to attend the Engineering College at King Abdulaziz University. He continued to work part-time in his family’s business (gold and jewellery) during his studies, in addition to his part time job as a journalist at Al Madinah Newspaper. He became an influential journalist by challenging his conservative environment with an open mind. After graduating from university, Aly worked for over 10 years as a senior general manager with ALJ – Toyota Motor Corporation, where he quickly gained a reputation as a visionary in regards to international sales, marketing, customer satisfaction and business development. A long and fruitful career in the international business world has also been enhanced through business-related travel to more than 200 cities in over 60 countries.

Professional Life in Canada

In 2005, Aly began building the foundation of his Canadian-based companies, beginning with CLLC. His Executive MBA and Diploma in Management from Saint Mary’s University, a Bachelor of Engineering degree from King Abdulaziz University, leadership courses from Harvard Business School and Six Sigma Green Belt Qualification from Motorola University, have all informed his strategic vision as he’s built one of Canada’s most successful ESL schools.

During this time, Aly also worked tirelessly to create a global network of ESL professionals all aimed at providing international students with the best in English language education & opportunity.

A Broader Reach

He innovated the CPIEAs with an express vision of “A World Where Education is Valued and Celebrated,” and a mission “To Recognize the People Who Make Education Their Mission.” The CPIEAs highlight Aly’s dedication to improve the international education industry and provide a better world for everyone. 

Aly has developed, maintained and promoted professional relationships as the means to long-term success and growth. He believes that investments in time and energy are essential and that a “win-win” philosophy of business is always the most desirable strategy. A such, he has regularly given training seminars at well-known educational workshops around the world. Aly is very proud to be locally, nationally & internationally involved in the international education industry. He has been an avid board member of Languages Canada, EduNova & IALC. More specifically, he served as a chair of the Languages Canada Marketing Committee and also served as an Executive member of EduNova’s Marketing Steering Committee. Aly has also enjoyed staying involved in his community by serving as a member of the Halifax Business Awards Judging Committee. 

Under Aly’s leadership, CLLC was awarded the 2008 Halifax Chamber of Commerce Small Business gold award and the 2015 Business of the Year Silver award. Aly was also recognized by Ernst and Young as one of the TOP 20, out of 600 Atlantic Canadian Entrepreneurs, for his vision, leadership and achievement in building a successful, growing and dynamic business. 

With all this experience behind him, Aly is considered an “expert” by many. Whether the topics are business development, human resources and staff retention, strategic planning or organizational culture, Aly is well versed in all of them and has a wealth of knowledge to share. As with his well known “MBA in One Day”, he enjoys a chance to give back to the business community and help others achieve their dreams as well.


When asked, Aly said that his biggest accomplishment has been, “Growing together with my team and watching out for one another as a true family. This has been my real dream come true.” Aly also fulfilled another dream by marrying Raja and bringing their beautiful son, Waseem, into the world. He continued, “As a businessman, husband and father, family remains my most important value. I’m blessed to experience it in all aspects of my life.”

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