Aly Rajab

Aly is a remarkable individual, a tenacious entrepreneur and the Founder and Chairman of Five Canadian companies. His achievements in the industry have made him a pacesetter with exceptional contributions. Aly is a revolutionary in his field, having trained 500+ C-Level Executives in the science of leadership, business culture, values and execution plans. 

My Story

The Beginning

Born and raised in Najran, Saudi Arabia, Aly was the sixth born among nine siblings. Being in a very conservative city, the first time Aly was exposed to television was in 1976 when he was only six years old, an experience that became an eye-opener that would eventually influence his lifelong exploration of the world. Two years later, he was already becoming an entrepreneur, investing a $3 cash gift from his father to purchase toys for resale to his siblings and other kids in the neighbourhood. At 13 years of age, Aly was already working as a full-time employee in the family business during the summer seasons and part-time during the school years.

From Student to Manager

Known for his curious and adventurous mind, Aly’s dream was to get to a point in life where he would travel the world, meet new people, and learn from different cultures. When he was 17 years old, he pursued this dream by travelling to Jeddah where he attended an Engineering course at  King Abdulaziz University. Balancing between school and work, Aly worked at the family gold and jewelry business on a part-time basis, while at the same time working as a journalist at Al Madinah Newspaper. Hardworking and committed, he quickly grew to become an influential journalist challenging the confines of his conservative  background to become an open-minded industry professional. Straight after graduation, he was recruited as a Senior General Manager at ALJ – Toyota Motor Corporation, where he worked for the next ten years, building a reputation as a visionary leader on all matters related to international sales, marketing, customer satisfaction and business development. Aly’s fruitful global career has grown through business acumen and extensive travel to 200+ cities in more than 60 countries.

Professional Life in Canada

Aly has built a professional life based on strong academic merit. In 2005, he set the foundation for his Canadian-based companies, starting with CLLC. He holds an Executive MBA and Diploma in Management from Saint Mary’s University, a Bachelor of Engineering degree from King Abdulaziz University, and has taken several leadership courses from Harvard Business School. He also merited for the Six Sigma Green Belt Qualification at Motorola University. His background with these academic achievements and his learned and acquired knowledge and skills have informed his strategic vision and enabled him to build one of Canada’s most successful ESL schools. As if that is not enough tenacity and achievement for one person, Aly also worked tirelessly to create a global network of ESL professionals, aiming to provide international students with the best in English language education and opportunity. 

A Broader Reach

Aly innovated the CPIEAs with an express vision of “A World Where Education is Valued and Celebrated” and a mission “To Recognize the People Who Make Education Their Mission.” As a result, the CPIEAs highlight his dedication to improve the international education industry and provide a better world for everyone.

Aly has also developed, maintained and promoted professional relationships as the means to long-term success and growth. He believes that investments in time and energy are essential and that a “win-win” philosophy of business is always the most desirable strategy. As such, he finds gratification tapping from his visionary mentality to hold seminars and educational workshops globally to help those whose lives would be enriched by it. A visionary to the core, Aly boasts of local, national & international involvement in the international education industry. 

Aly has a strong ability to build and maintain excellent working relationships. He is an avid board member of Languages Canada and EduNova. Aly has also enjoyed staying involved in his community by serving as a Halifax Business Awards Judging Committee member.

An award-winning industry professional, Aly led  CLLC to win the 2020 and 2019 Education Stars Awards, the 2015 Business of the Year Silver Award and the 2008 Halifax Chamber of Commerce Small Business Gold Award. 

With all this experience behind him, Aly is considered an “expert” by many. Whether the topics are business development, human resources and staff retention, strategic planning or organizational culture, Aly is well versed in all of them and has a wealth of knowledge to share. As with his well-known “MBA in One Day” he enjoys a chance to give back to the business community and help others achieve their dreams as well.


Outside work, Aly is married to Raja, a loving and supportive wife, with whom he has one beautiful boy, Waseem. With his dear wife, Aly finds joy and fulfillment in life, cruising through weekdays like weekends, and weekends like honeymoons. The apple of his eye, Aly believes Raja to be his soulmate and prays to Allah with every breath that their union and family grows his endless blessings and happiness.

Aly is interested in existential philosophy and the emergence of worlds from the creation to the resurrected. With the belief that without dignity, nothing matters, and nothing matters without dignity, Aly has made it his life’s purpose to grow together with his team, enjoy a better lifestyle, watch their children play together, while protecting their future. 

My Executive Support

Business Strategic Consultation

Aly has the insight and deep experience to provide strategic advice to help achieve sustainable results sustainably. He creates tailored approaches to each client’s unique situation and brings extensive business and field experience with proven analytical techniques.
As an experienced consultant, Aly helps you answer:

1- How can a start-up ensure if a new business idea is worth implementing?
2- What are the steps to strategically change your company’s vision and team’s performance from
a dream to a reality?
3- What can co-owners do to improve their business and relationship?
4- How can your business better optimize digital presence?
5- How can a business owner work ON, not IN their business?
6- How can a family business avoid disaster in the case of life-changing events?
7- How do I win a larger market share?
8- Why is business culture vital? And what are the common mistakes that leaders make?

Business Culture

Aly’s focused approach to strategically analyzing business situations starts from defining how an
organization does business and interacts internally and externally.
Aly will review and may advise restructuring the company’s vision and the human resource
strategy to align with the owner’s core values to build a sustainable business growth plan.
Aly thrives on drawing a clear link between the vision and each team member’s job description,
is a priceless proven technique that will enable business dreams to become a reality.
Considering the outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the fact that employees are not faceto-face every day, business culture is vitally essential to success.

Sophisticated Houman Resource Strategy

Great people are the most valuable asset of an organization. Aly uses a proven strategy and
industry insights to optimize how to make the most of these assets to increase productivity, create
value, and deliver lasting results beyond the organization’s four walls.
Hiring the right people is no easy task. However, not dealing with employee disengagement is
evidence of a growing problem. Likewise, motivating unappreciative team members is an
avoidable energy-draining if the hiring was done right in the first place.
Aly will work with you to help create a sophisticated human resource system that will focus on
your (IFD):

• Improving your company culture – short term plan
• Forming a core team to lead your business – midterm plan
• Discovering succession strategy to sustain the company- long term plan

Yes, it is no easy task, but it is well worth the venture. Not only will you see positive results right
off the bat, but you will also attract talented professionals who can also help your company grow.

Exit Strategy

The premature death of a business owner can devastate a business.
Businesses can run into trouble at any stage without the guidance of their owners. For example,
internal unrest among employees could create complications as the company progresses if there
is no succession plan.
Also, there may be brand image issues if a brand has been associated with the founder for a long
time. Eventually, the founder’s death can affect the customer’s reaction to the company.
This process involves years of planning leading to execution. Aly will not only work with you to
create a business exit strategy, but he will also share his wealth of personal experience as he has already implemented
his Exit Strategy.

MBA in One Day (6-hour class)

MBA in One Day is a 3-unit seminar to provide you with a Certificate in Strategic Business Development & Leadership. Aly pushes beyond the common wisdom and top-of-mind trends. His training is practical and well-deserving of the slogan – MBA in One Day, designed for decision-makers, including Senior Directors, VPs, and Owners.
Material and content include real-world case studies and insights gained over 20+ years of
executive leadership experience delivered in a high-energy format with inspirational speeches
and dynamic class discussions.
The course focuses on equipping you with knowledge and skills concerning:

Quality in the Service Industry
• Business Culture
• The Ideal Human Resource Structure
• Business Vision vs. Core Values
• The Impact and Conflict of Interest between Co-Owners or Decision Makers
• The Difference between Customer Service, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Delight
Management in Global Competence
• Strategic Plans
• Competitive Advantages
• Value Disciplines
• Global Competence
• Decision Makers and Team Dynamics
Transformational Leadership
• Professional Development
• Leadership Development
• Retirement vs. Exit Strategy

• 4D Analysis and GBR Theory
• Work “on” Your Business, Not “In” Your Business

Since 2008, hundreds of C-Level executives from many organizations worldwide were surveyed
regarding their participation, and 100% provided a high rating.

Business Development Seminars

Featuring a structure specifically designed for the convenience of companies, the MBA in One
Day program stands out for its high flexibility with seminars aligned with respective intended
As part of the flexibility provided, Aly offers particular topics that a company can choose from
to address their specific business concerns.
Moreover, with the world going virtual, the Business Development Seminars leverage the digital
age to power participants’ dreams. To this end, Aly is available to provide online consultation as
well as training.

Staff Motivation Speech

 If your team lacks motivation, Aly can work with you to address your business situation and
the lack of motivation.
If your team is motivated, you can achieve anything and work on the project with passion. In
addition, motivated employees have a higher level of work satisfaction and a higher level of
The programs are constructively aligned so that your team members can construct their
understanding actively.

Get a Quote

Contact Aly with your business consultation demands at, and receive an
accessible 30-minute meeting to help understand the scope of the
consultation. A quote with the estimated time will be sent, including the expected number of
hours. Aly’s hourly rate is $500.00 USD/ hour

Free of Charge (Total four Sessions/ 4 hours )

Aly offers 4-hours of free consulting and training services for disadvantaged families
who have a passion for starting a new business and cannot afford his consultation fees.
Aly also provides his free-of-charge services to falling businesses.
All Aly asks in return is that you have to give back in kind through good deeds as per your
capabilities. To this effect, Aly asks that each approved participant support their community by donating time, money or energy towards improving the lives of those in need.
You can donate as low as $5 to a person on the street or go big trying to change the world

My Creations